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Acorn Plasma CNC Software License

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If you are buying a License for an existing control, please upload the Report.zip from that control before pressing 'Add to Cart' or you can Email your Report.zip file to diysales@centroidcnc.com, please note your order number in the email. Alternatively, if you have the Barcode or Serial Number from an existing control, you can enter it in the box below then click 'Add to Cart'. If you are purchasing a new CNC Controller and a License file, you do not have to upload a Report.zip file or enter a Barcode or Serial Number as we will automatically assign the license file to the CNC Controller you are purchasing.

Please see the detailed table below describing the differences between Pro and Ultimate software levels

Please be sure that you are purchasing the correct Software Version for your Acorn Install. Plasma Licenses only work with Plasma Installs, and will not work for Mill, Lathe, or Router.


Compatible with:
Features Acorn Plasma Free v5.04+ Acorn Plasma Pro v5.04+ Acorn Plasma Ultimate v5.04+
Cost Free = Limited G code program size. Plasma Pro $159 Plasma Ultimate $399
Auto Conductive/Ohmic Torch Touch Off Included Included Included
Auto Float Head Torch Touch Off Included Included Included
Breakaway/Collision Switch Torch Protection Included Included Included
Real Time Closed Loop Torch Height Included Included Included
Laser Zero Position Set Included Included Included
Material Profile Manager Included Included Included
Feedrate Override Included Included Included
Target Voltage Override Included Included Included
Restart Mode Included Included Included
Torch Check Included Included Included
Dry Run Included Included Included
Plasma Smoothing Included Included Included
Target Voltage Smart Sense Included Included Included
Edit or Create new Material Profiles Included Included Included
Real Time Voltage Display Included Included Included
Auto and Manual Homing Included Included Included
Wireless MPG Pendant support Not included Included Included
G-code program size Limited to 50Kb G-code file size Unlimited G-code file size Unlimited G-code file size
Work Coordinates Systems (WCS) One (G54) Eighteen (G54-G59 plus extended WCS)
starting with v5.08
Eighteen (G54-G59 plus extended WCS)
Auto Torch Touch Off Included Included Included
Coordinate System Rotation Yes Yes Yes
Auto find CSR with Probe No Yes Yes
Manual find CSR with Probe or Wiggler Yes Yes Yes
Manual enter angle for CSR Yes Yes Yes
Sub Programs and Macros (M98 & G65)
Write your own custom marcos, many uses
Included Included Included
Backlash Compensation Included Included Included
Screw compensation (laser or manual!) Included Included Included
Any axis can be Linear or Rotary Included Included Included
G-code backplot graphics Included Included Included
Run Time Program Graphics Included Included Included
User Configurable Touch Screen Virtual Control Panel Included Included Included
Backlash compensation Included Included Included
CNC Configuration Wizard Included Included Included
Operate in Millimeter or Inches Yes Yes Yes
XY Diagonal Jogging Yes Yes Yes
4th axis Jogging Yes Yes Yes
Software Axis Pairing
(pair 4th axis any other axis in software)
Yes Yes Yes
Auto Squaring of Software Paired axis with auto homing No Yes Yes
Hardware Axis Pairing Yes Yes Yes
4th axis G-code moves:
4&1,4&2,4&3,4&1&2,4&2&3,4&1&3&4, 4&1&2&3
No, "Free" is limited to 3 axis simultaneous moves with single axis 4th axis moves. Yes, 4 axis simultaneous movement
with full interpolation. (move any axis in combination with any others)
Yes, 4 axis simultaneous movement
with full interpolation. (move any axis in combination with any others)
CNC Setup Wizard with auto PLC
program generation
Included Included Included
PLC Detective Software Included Included Included
Use one input for all axis Homing Included Included Included
Contour ShuttleXpress Support Included Included Included
Xkeys, Xbox and other USB keyboard emulator support Included Included Included
Laser Engraving Yes Yes Yes
PWM output for Laser power Yes Yes Yes
PWM output for Spindle speed control Yes Yes Yes
Laser power Velocity modulation Yes Yes Yes
0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC analog output Yes Yes Yes
Plasma Intercon Conversational programming (Currently in Beta) Limited to 20 blocks of conversational Unlimited Unlimited
Offline Version of Plasma Intercon Conversational programming No No Yes
Intercon "Teach" Mode (Currently in Beta) Limited to 20 blocks of Intercon Unlimited Unlimited

    •   Can I use a non Hypertherm Powermax Plasma cutter with the Centroid THC?

    •   Currently the Acorn THC supports Hypertherm Powermax Plasma units and Lincoln Flex Cut unit.. We will add other manufactures plasma units to a compatibility list in the future. For now, Acorn PlasmaTHCis supported with a Hypertherm Powermax XP and SYNC Plasma or Lincoln Flex Cut cutters. (Note: We are currently working on testing a Thermal Dynamics unit).

    •   Can I use a non THC supported Plasma cutters with the Centroid Acorn Plasma Software?

    •   Yes. For applications that do not require a THC but want to take advantage of the Plasma CNC software. (Note: In the future Oxy/Flame specific features will be added as well.)

    •   Does the Centroid THC work with other CNC controllers?

    •   No. The Centroid THC is designed to work with the Acorn CNC Controller using the Acorn's high speed serial port for real time Torch Voltage Feedback.

    •   Can I use the Acorn Plasma CNC12 software to cut parts without the THC kit installed?

    •   Yes.

    •   Can I use a 3rd party Ohmic Sensor/Isolator?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a Round Mount?

    •   Yes, Round Mounts perform two duties, The Float Head Torch Touch off sensor and a Breakaway/Collision Sensor.

    •   Can I use a Floating Head?

    •   Yes, Floating Heads and switches are supported.

    •   Can I use a Magnetic Breakaway Head?

    •   Yes, We recommend Magnetic Breakaway Torch Mounts (and they can be used in conjunction with a Floating Head (slide)).

    •   Can I use a Floating Head in combination with Ohmic/conductive Torch Tip?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a Floating Head that has Breakaway switch built into it?

    •   Yes

    •   Does the Centroid THC work with the Oak and Allin1DC CNC Controllers?

    •   No. Not at this time.

    •   Do I have to Home the machine to use it?

    •   No. Setting up and using Auto Homing is recommended but not necessary to use the machine.

    •   Can I use a Laser dot or cross hair to set a start point?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a scribe to mark the material instead of cutting it?

    •   This feature will be added after our initial public beta release and will be a free software upgrade

    •   Can I run the part program without the Torch running?

    •   Yes. select the "Dry Run" button to run the job with the Torch Off.

    •   Can I use a 3rd party THC (non Centroid) with Acorn?

    •   No. We do not support other manufactures THC's.

    •   Where can i get help and tech support?

    •   Free online Plasma Tech Support Forum. Centroid owns this forum, maintains, monitors and contributes to it daily. Here is the link.

    •   Is the software license file a subscription?

    •   No. A Plasma Pro software license is tied to the Acorn board itself and is a one time purchase.

    •   Can I install my Acorn CNC12 Plasma Pro License on another PC?

    •   Yes. A Plasma Pro software license is tied to the Acorn board itself NOT the PC. This allows for easy DIY upgrade or replacement of the PC without having to get a new license file.


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