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Allin1DC CNC 2 Axis Controller Kit with new DC Servo Axis Motors

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2 Axis Controller Kit with new DC Motors (#15028,15029,15030) includes:
– ALLIN1DC (Motion Control, PLC, DC Drives) #14999 True Closed Loop CNC Control
– DC servo motors in popular combinations. (16 in-lb on X & 29 in-lb on Z, 16 in-lb on X & 40 in-lb on Z, 29 in-lb on X & 40 in-lb on Z) with 16' cables installed.
– Centroid DC power supply "Capacitor + Bridge Combo" ( use of a transformer is no    longer required for DC servo power creation)
– Made in USA

Front or back mount tooling, gang tooling, CSS, Threading, CNC Turret Compatible, Spindle Encoder input, Dual MPG handwheel inputs.

Depending on our current order volume, it may take us 5 days of processing before we are able to ship your order.

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