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DP-4 Precision CNC Touch Probe


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  • DP-4 CNC Touch Probe (#10395) includes:
    • 1x DP-4 Probe
    • 1x 5mm x 40mm Carbide Stem, Ruby Tipped Stylus (#3360)
    • 1x 2.5mm x 40mm Carbide Stem, Ruby Tipped Stylus (#3357)
    • 1x Stylus Wrench
    • 1x DP-4 to System Cable
    • 1x DP-4 Users Manual
    • 1x DP-4 to Centroid Controller Schematic

The CENTROID DP-4 CNC Touch probe is designed for Probing (part setup, zero location setup, and CMM type location and measurement of part geometry), component/fixture/work piece setup, inspection and 3D or 2D digitizing/surfacing. The DP-4 CNC Touch probe is made in the USA with patented technology. Manufactured of stainless steel the DP-4’s mechanism requires only a feather’s touch to trigger. The DP-4’s low trigger force allows the use of small styli for maximum detail and accuracy. Commonly used on Milling machines, Machining centers, Routers and Turning centers. The DP-4 is a state-of-the-art mechanical design and is compatible with most CNC controls and DRO’s that have a PLC input for probes and probe software. The CENTROID DP-4 is reliable and is an affordable alternative to Renishaw or Marposs touch probes. Previously sold exclusively for use with a CENTROID CNC control, now the DP-4 is available for use with other CNC controls and DRO’s such as Fagor, Haas, Fanuc, Fadal, Mazak, Mach3 and many more.
Replacement or additional probe tips can be purchased here.
Link to DP-4 Brochure

DP-4 Specifications
   - Probing directions X+/-, Y+/-, Z-
   - Unidirectional repeatability 0.00004” (1 um)
   - Probe deflection force (X,Y) 3 ounce w/ 1.693” L (43mm) stylus
   - Probe deflection force (Z) 9 ounce minimum
   - Probe body diameter and length D=1.25” (31.8mm), L=2.2” (56.4mm)
   - Mounting shank diameter and length D=0.5” (12.7mm), L=1.47” (37.2mm)
   - LED status indicator red when triggered (powered by input 1ma)
   - Over travel limit angle (X,Y) +/- 10 degrees from vertical
   - Over travel limit (Z-) 0.15 inch (3.8mm) maximum


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