Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software

Centroid Built-to-Order CNC Control System RFQ

Fill out the form below to recieve a CNC Control System Quote.

When adding custom buttons, PLEASE Note: What color font and background, and if you want an LED window.

Limit and Home switches are not required for operation of the Hickory CNC Control Board as it uses Absolute Encoders so the position is never lost, however you are welcome to use limit switches if you prefer.

Cables (limit switch, spindle motor, flood motor, mist unit, machine lube pump, inverter power and control) can be cut to the required length. Lengths are measured from the bottom of the electrical enclosure. The standard length for these cables is listed below, type your desired length into the boxes.

Photos of the machine, drives, and motors will help us provide the best possible quote for your machine. Please create a public photo album using Google Photos, Imgur, or any other photo service and provide the link below.

Please list the destination country, as there are different wiring and export requirements that Centroid must adhear to depending on local standards and laws.
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