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SCOUT CNC Operator Control Panel/Pendant for AcornSix

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CNC Operator control panel (#14612)

If you like pressing buttons rather than touching a screen use this tough Centroid Operators control panel. Its made in USA and uses stainless steel dome buttons that provide positive tactile feedback. Constructed of steel the bezel can mount into pendant box or flush to any cut out. The high quality overlay made from durable grease and chemical resistant special flexible plastic designed for the machine shop environment. Use as a replacement for the VCP (virtual control panel (touch screen)) OR use in conjunction with the VCP. The VCP and the control panel are user configurable so they can be setup to match functionality.

The operator panel can be installed several different ways:
1.) Mount in a CNC console
2.) Machine Panel Mount (console is part of the machine tool)
3.) Corded Hand Held with 16' cord, steel construction, rubber handles and magnets on the back.


A lower cost ($0) alternative to this piece of hardware is the software based Touch Screen Virtual Machine Control Panel (VCP). The VCP allows the functionality of this Hardware based Operators Control Pendant when using a Touch Screen LCD as the CNC control display. The touch screen VCP is included with Centroid CNC control software CNC12 and can be used without or in conjunction with this hardware based Operator's Control Pendant.

Longer cords up to 50' are available call for quote or just use the Wireless MPG for long distance applications


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