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Centroid's "Cap and Bridge Combo" DC Servo Motor Power Generator

Centroid's "Cap and Bridge Combo" DC Servo Motor Power Generator

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Centroid "Cap and Bridge Combo" Kit (#12726) Features:
- Easily powers up to four 29 in-lb DC servo motors
- High quality large capacity for smooth DC voltage output
- Pre assembled ready to use
- Commonly used for both new cnc control installations and retrofit upgrades
- For use with DC servo motors which are rated above 160 VDC max volts (such as Centroid DC servos) when not using a step down transformer.
- Use a step down transformer in conjunction if lower DC voltage output is needed for use with lower max voltage rated DC servos.

Power Conversion Examples:
- 110 VAC input yields 155 VDC out
- 83 VAC input yields 117 VDC out

See this DC Servo motor power discussion for more information.

Directly rectify 110/120 VAC to produce 155 DC volts for use with Servo motors with max voltage rating higher than 160 VDC, (no step down transformer for motors rated above 160 VDC max, use a step down transformer for motor rated under 160 VDC).

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