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A relay board is shown connected to an older Acorn Rev3 board

Legacy Acorn Relay Adapter Kit for Acorn Rev_2 and Rev_3 Boards

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If you are purchasing a new Acorn kit, you do not need to purchase this item.

This Adapter kit is for early Acorn Boards sold in 2017 and 2018.

The Legacy Acorn Relay Board Kit (#15289) Includes:
   1x Acorn “8 Relay Module”
   1x Ribbon Cable
   1x Acorn Relay Adapter Card with 5 vdc pig tail.
More Information Available Here
Legacy Acorn_rev3 CNC Controller Specifications Manual

This kit will convert Acorn’s six open collector outputs into Relay Outputs in under a minute. The kit uses an off the shelf SainSmart “8 Relay Module” combined with Centroid’s Relay Module Adapter Card and a ribbon cable for easy installation. The adapter card simply inserts into the Acorn Output Connector header screw terminals. Powered by 5 Volts DC the Adapter card comes with a pre-installed 5 VDC pig tail which connects to the 5 VDC terminal on the Acorn Logic Power supply. This allows CNC controlled connections to various CNC devices such as VFD’s, solenoids, lights, fans, pumps, motors, other larger relays and contactors in a compact format. The 8 relay module contains eight SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) high current relays (10 AMPS at 250 VAC, and 10 amps at 30 VDC) which can directly control any device rated at or below the maximum rating of the relays. If higher current devices are required these relays can then in turn control larger relays or contactors to control the higher current device.


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