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OpticDirect Board
OpticDirect Yaskawa for use with OakOpticDirect Delta for use with OakOpticDirect DeltaOpticDirect Yaskawa

OpticDirect Axis Expansion Board

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OpticDirect Axis Expansion Board (#13189) includes:
  1x OpticDirect Board
  1x OpticDirect cover plate
  1x LRS-35-24 Power Supply
  2x Fiber Optic Cables
Kit for Delta ASDA-A2 also includes:
  1x OpticDirect mounting plate
  5x 6-32x3/8" standoffs
  5x 6-32x1" standoffs
  5x 6-32 nylon insert lock nuts
  1x 5" long ribbon cable
Kit for Yaskawa Sigma 5/7 also includes:
  5x M3x0.5x5mm standoffs
  5x M3x0.5x20mm standoffs
  5x M3x0.5x5mm screws
  1x 2.75" long ribbon cable

When purchasing for use with an Oak Control Board the OpticDirect kit comes with a drive communication cable.

Easily add a 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th axis to the Oak Board. The OpticDirect allows you to add an additional axis to the Oak Board’s build in 4 axis communications. One Optic Direct adds one additional axis to the system. Compatible with Yaskawa Sigma 5/7 and Delta ASDA-A2.

Comes with appropriate cable to plug into the drive. Also comes with mounting hardware to mount on the side of the drive.

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