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Hickory is an 8 Axis Ethercat Controller

Leadshine EL7 EtherCAT Drive, Motor and Cable Package



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These Leadshine EL7 EtherCAT drive/motor/cable packages have been curated by Centroid with extensive testing on various Hickory equipped CNC machine tools at our facility here in Central Pennsylvania USA.

These packages consist of compatible AC Servo Motors, EtherCat Servo Drives and the corresponding Cables you need for your next CNC machine tool project, simply pick the motor size, type and cable length.

These packages include: The EL7 EtherCAT Drive which is paired with the Absolute Encoder equipped ELM2 Leadshine Servo motor and the matching battery backup encoder cable and power cables.

- Hickory and these packages provide Absolute Encoder functionality! That means the machine always knows where it is at even when powered off.
- Daily CNC machine homing is eliminated with absolute encoders!
- Any paired axes will always square to each other when powered up.
- Limit and Home switches are optional and unnecessary.
- Daisy Chain connection from Hickory to the EL7 drive and all subsequent drives simplfies cabling installation and reduces both cable and labor costs.
- Utilizes off the shelf sheilded ethernet cables

USA shipments drop ship direct from the Leadshine USA warehouse in California
International Shipments drop ship direct from Leadshine HQ in China

When choosing the motor type note the motor physical size, power rating, useful RPM when sizing to your application.

For example, looking at a 750 watt motor drive package the basic data is: 750 watt (80 mm frame, 3000 rpm, 2.39 N-m cont., 5000 max rpm)

Where the "80 mm frame" refers to the square face frame size of the 750 watt motor. Reference the complete ELM2 servo motor dimensional specifications here.

and the "3000 rpm" refers to the useful, normal RPM range of the 750 watt motor (0-3000)

and "2.39 N-m" is the useful, normal continuous torque output of the 750 watt motor in Newton Meters

and the "5000 max rpm" is the maximum RPM of the 750 watt servo motor, this max rpm can be reached for short periods by the motor as long as the motor load is not excessive. Note: Torque will fall off from the continuous torque rating above the useful RPM, in this example 3000 rpm.

Gear and Size the machine tool kinematics for the desired results (machine max rates, accuracy and power) if in doubt its always best to use the next size larger servo motor/drive package.

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