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Hickory CNC Control, an ECat (EtherCat) based servo drive controller
Hickory, an ECat (Ethercat) compatible CNC Control Board, is shown in an CabinetHickory, an ECat (Ethercat) compatible CNC Control Board, is shown in an CabinetHickory, an ECat (Ethercat) compatible CNC Control Board, is shown in an CabinetHickory is an 8 Axis Ethercat Controller

Hickory CNC Controller Kit

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Centroid Hickory CNC controller kit (part # 14924) includes:
- Hickory control board
- Qty. 4 Plug and Play Relay 8 Modules
- Logic power supply with power leads
(50/60 Hz 100-120 VAC and 208-240 VAC input power)
- Connector kit
- 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
- Riser Mounting Pan
- Typical CNC machine tool pre-programmed PLC Inputs and Outputs
- Mill and Lathe Conversational Programming Software
- Installation and Operator’s manuals PDF
- Full Size Paper Wiring Schematic
- DIY self-service CNC support through Centroid Community CNC Forum which is Centroid Technician monitored and maintained.
- Centroid CNC12 "FREE" version of CNC software. (Purchase Pro or Ultimate for additional feature set, see below.)

Introductory Offer

- 1 Hour Tech Support included Free

Centroid "Hickory" closed loop CNC Controller.

A reliable, high performance, industrial quality CNC control. Hickory utilizes an integrated Motion Control CPU and communicates with both the CNCPC and the Servo Drives via a fast and reliable EtherCat connection. The Hickory is an 8 axis CNC control board. Perfect for many types of machine tools such as: CNC milling machines of all types, Turning Centers, and a wide variety of CNC Routers and other specialty applications. Typically used on CNC machine tools where a high performance CNC control is needed. Hickory utilizes only approved AC brushless servos with EtherCat communication protocol, compatible drives with Hickory are: Yaskawa Sigma 7, Glentek Gamma series, Estun Summa, Leadshine EL7 and EL8, Inovance SV660N. More makes and models will be added to the compatibility list as we test them. Currently there is no guarantee from Centroid when using Hickory with any other drive other than the Centroid curated drives listed. We are working on Delta at the moment and welcome the opportunity to test others as well.
Hickory significantly reduces electrical cabinet cabling and labor. Hickory is absolute encoder compatible which further reduces cabling, labor and cost to install the CNC control, as well as added convenience to the operators day to day operation in time savings, reduced mistakes and scrap parts due to the elimination of machine homing and resetting of work coordinate systems, the machine always knows where it is at even when the power is off.

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