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DP-7 High Performance Digital CNC Touch Probe


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  • DP-7 CNC Touch Probe (#12431) includes:
    • 1x DP-7 Probe
    • 1x 0.25" x 40mm Carbide Stem, Ruby Tipped Stylus (#3510)
    • 1x 100 mm Ceramic Stylus Extension (#8190)
    • 1x Stylus Wrench
    • 1x DP-7 to System Cable
    • 1x DP-7 Users Manual
    • 1x DP-7 to Centroid Controller Schematic

Made for Long Stylus Probing applications this highly advanced probe solves the related lobing issues with its unique triggering and software technology. The DP-7 provides geometry accurate probing and digitizing with long styli. DP-7 is a high-accuracy digital touch probe that both automates CNC job set-up and can copy complex 3D part geometries using a CNC milling machine or machining center. The DP-7 drastically improves digitizing and measuring accuracy by eliminating the sources of error that affect conductive and mechanical switch type touch probes. Using CENTROID’s new sensing technology the DP-7 is neither a conductive or mechanical switch type probe and therefore is not affected by the limitations of those technologies. Works reliably with difficult to probe surfaces: ceramics, plastics, clean and dirty, raw castings, painted, rusted metal or black with carbon.
Replacement or additional probe tips can be purchased here.
Link to DP-7 Brochure

DP-7 Features
   - Breakthrough sensing technology
   - Highly accurate long stylus operation
   - Far greater levels of accuracy than mechanical probes
   - Extremely repeatable sensing technology
   - Excellent 3D performance while maintaining very high accuracy
   - Long life with advanced solid state technology
   - Reliable robust construction, avoids mechanical mechanism failures
   - Resistance to shock and vibration
   - Probe unidirectional (2 sigma) repeatability: .00004” (1 um)
   - Uniform triggering in all axes


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