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AcornSix RS422 Differential Drive Output and Scout Expansion Interface Board

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  • The Differential Drive Output and Scout Expansion Interface Board package (#15130) includes:
    • 1x AcornSix "D-Scout" board
    • 6x Terminal blocks for connecting Differential Outputs
    • 5x 6-32 x 1" Standoffs
    • 5x 6-32 x 3/8" Screws

The AcornSix D-Scout Interface board provides six drive axes of RS422 compatible differential drive output signals as well as 4 additional Scout RJ45 expansion ports. The D-Scout board is commonly used when AC servos drives are being employed with the AcornSix to make use of the superior quadrature step and direction signal communication protocol that the D-Scout board provides. The additional Scout ports facilitate easy connections with a common shielded Ethernet cable to any Centroid Scout communication protocol equipped product such as the PLCEXP1616 (#14575), Scout Operators Control Panel (#14612) and the Encoder-Scale Input board (#15330).


D-Scout user information is contained within the AcornSix manual in Appendix B starting on page 115


Example differential servo drive hook up schematic


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