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Torch Height Controller Kit

Centroid Plasma THC Kit

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  • Centroid Acorn THC controller kit (part # 15149, 15321, 15322) includes:
    • 1x THC TX control board
    • 1x THC RX control board
    • 1x 5' Fiber Optic Cable (TX to RX connection)
    • 1x 12" Shielded Serial Cable M/F Straight ( RX-to-Acorn connection)
      • Note: 18" and 36" can be purchased here
    • 1x Din Rail Mount 24 volt power supply

Centroid's Torch Height Controller closes the loop between Plasma Arc Voltage and Torch Height via high-speed fiber optic communication.

The Centroid Acorn THC kit provides real-time closed loop operation between the arc voltage and the torch height. The THC reads the arc voltage and sends that information to the Acorn controller via fiber optic isolation to Acorn's high-speed encoder port.
Part #15322 for PrimeWeld Cut60 and #15321 for Everlast i/s series include the special Centroid "CNC" cable from the Cutter to the Centroid THC Kit
- Acorn CNC controller kit (Acorn requirements are here)
- An Acorn CNC12 Plasma Pro software license

Closed Loop THC: Real time closed loop operation between the Arc Voltage and the Torch Height. Fiber Optic Isolation. PID THC control.

Restart Mode: Restart any where along the contour of the part. Backup and/or move forward along the part contour. Restart anywhere. Simple Jog off anywhere along part contour to restart with a lead in. Fast and easy.

Torch Check:
 Change or Check consumables in middle of the job and restart anywhere.

Dry Run: Run the part program without the Torch and THC on.

Smart Sense: Auto Senses Target voltage during beginning of cut and then maintains the measured TV throughout the rest of the cut

Material Profile Manager: A tested library of plasma settings for common materials and thickness. Choose the Material and Cut. Edit any profile, Create your own profiles. Copy profiles to any other Acorn Plasma equipped machine. Use same part program with any thickness material no need to repost part program from CAD/CAM to cut another thickness metal.

Advanced THC Anti Dive controls:
 Fine adjustment controls over how the THC behaves. Tested default settings provided but are editable by the user if necessary to fine tune the machine.

Plasma Smoothing:
 A Centroid exclusive this Plasma Cutting feature produces better cuts with less dross.

User editable Operator Control Panel: This feature allows Users, Rebuilders and OEM's alike a straight forward way to change the look, feel and function of the Virtual Control Panel.

Feedrate and Target Voltage Override controls: On the fly override of both Target Voltage and Feedrate via the VCP and/or the Wireless MPG knob.

Wireless MPG operator control: High performance wireless control pendant with large MPG Wheel for positioning the torch, setting zeros, overriding Feedrate and Target Voltage also has 4 programmable buttons for individualized operator convenience setup controls. Centroid Firmware sets this unit above the rest. Brings a nice work flow improvement to the machine operator with this handy reliable tool.

Auto Torch Touch Off: Compatible with Conductive, Ohmic, Round Mounts and Floating Heads. Conductive/Ohmic can be used in conjunction Float Head/Switch and/or Breakaway Head/Switches. Easy drag and drop for Float Head and Breakaway setup menus in the Acorn Plasma setup Wizard, Auto Float Head offset distance compensation.

Built in Conversational Programming: Program plasma parts with or without a CAD drawing with Centroid's Intercon Plasma. Lines, Arcs, Squares, Circles, Rectangles, Kerf offset, Auto lead in/out, auto connect radius, Mirror, Rotate, Repeat, Teach Mode, DXF in, DXF out, now available in beta and included with the Plasma CNC12 installation.

Made in USA: The Acorn Plasma system was engineered, built, and tested at our Centroid facility in the USA. Robust design, Rigorous testing = Years of trouble free operation. CNC Software and Hardware designed to work together. All units ship ready to run after thorough quality control and testing.

Built-in Material Profile Manager
- Use the same part program to cut different thickness and types of metals
- Large library of tested Plasma Material Profiles included
- Edit any profile
- Rename any profile
- Create your own custom profiles
- Share Profiles with others.
- Easy copy and use profiles on any other Acorn Plasma equipped machine
- Simple Part Program G codes are easy to understand
- Eliminates need for complicated post processors and complicated G codes
- Compatible with most any Plasma CAD/CAM system
plasma profile manager

    •   Can I use a non Hypertherm Powermax Plasma cutter with the Centroid THC?

    •   Currently the Acorn THC supports Hypertherm Powermax Plasma units and Lincoln Flex Cut unit.. We will add other manufactures plasma units to a compatibility list in the future. For now, Acorn PlasmaTHCis supported with a Hypertherm Powermax XP and SYNC Plasma or Lincoln Flex Cut cutters. (Note: We are currently working on testing a Thermal Dynamics unit).

    •   Can I use a non THC supported Plasma cutters with the Centroid Acorn Plasma Software?

    •   Yes. For applications that do not require a THC but want to take advantage of the Plasma CNC software. (Note: In the future Oxy/Flame specific features will be added as well.)

    •   Does the Centroid THC work with other CNC controllers?

    •   No. The Centroid THC is designed to work with the Acorn CNC Controller using the Acorn's high speed serial port for real time Torch Voltage Feedback.

    •   Can I use the Acorn Plasma CNC12 software to cut parts without the THC kit installed?

    •   Yes.

    •   Can I use a 3rd party Ohmic Sensor/Isolator?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a Round Mount?

    •   Yes, Round Mounts perform two duties, The Float Head Torch Touch off sensor and a Breakaway/Collision Sensor.

    •   Can I use a Floating Head?

    •   Yes, Floating Heads and switches are supported.

    •   Can I use a Magnetic Breakaway Head?

    •   Yes, We recommend Magnetic Breakaway Torch Mounts (and they can be used in conjunction with a Floating Head (slide)).

    •   Can I use a Floating Head in combination with Ohmic/conductive Torch Tip?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a Floating Head that has Breakaway switch built into it?

    •   Yes

    •   Does the Centroid THC work with the Oak and Allin1DC CNC Controllers?

    •   No. Not at this time.

    •   Do I have to Home the machine to use it?

    •   No. Setting up and using Auto Homing is recommended but not necessary to use the machine.

    •   Can I use a Laser dot or cross hair to set a start point?

    •   Yes

    •   Can I use a scribe to mark the material instead of cutting it?

    •   This feature will be added after our initial public beta release and will be a free software upgrade

    •   Can I run the part program without the Torch running?

    •   Yes. select the "Dry Run" button to run the job with the Torch Off.

    •   Can I use a 3rd party THC (non Centroid) with Acorn?

    •   No. We do not support other manufactures THC's.

    •   Where can i get help and tech support?

    •   Free online Plasma Tech Support Forum. Centroid owns this forum, maintains, monitors and contributes to it daily. Here is the link.

    •   Is the software license file a subscription?

    •   No. A Plasma Pro software license is tied to the Acorn board itself and is a one time purchase.

    •   Can I install my Acorn CNC12 Plasma Pro License on another PC?

    •   Yes. A Plasma Pro software license is tied to the Acorn board itself NOT the PC. This allows for easy DIY upgrade or replacement of the PC without having to get a new license file.
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