Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software
Plasma WMPG-4

Plasma CNC Control Pendant

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  • Plasma WMPG-4 Kit (#9558) includes:
    • 1x Plasma WMPG-4 Wireless MPG pendant
    • 1x USB Wireless Transmitter / Receiver
    • 1x Mounting Bracket

This WMPG Unit is for use with Plasma Software Only. For Mill, Router, and Lathe operation the WMPG-6 is the appropriate unit.

Take the control to where the work is! A game changing tool, the Centroid Wireless MPG handwheel CNC Control pendant allows the operator to conveniently and precisely set up jobs and tools remotely. No software or drivers to install. Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 Plasma Pro CNC software, just plug in the included USB transmitter/receiver and start using it! Multiple units can be used in the same location without issue.

• Restart Mode, Jog Forward and Backward along the cutter path!
• Laser XY position set
• Use the MPG Wheel to Jog the machine for any kind of positioning.
• Smooth motion
• Sensitivity of the wheel detents are adjusted by the x1,x10,x100 selector.
• Use the MPG Wheel to control the cutting Feedrate on the fly.
• Use the MPG Wheel to control the Target Voltage on the fly.
• 4 axis DRO display
• 4 axis MPG and continuous jogging control
• Robust wireless communication
• No software drivers to install
• Hanger bracket mount w/ magnets
• Long range wireless
• Robust CENTROID developed drivers
• Takes 2 AA batteries, run time approximate 1 month
• USB Plug and Play Transmitter / Receiver
• Rubber case protector
• Tactile Feedback domed buttons w/ gold contacts
• High quality 3M Overlay

Requirements for use with Acorn
- Acorn CNC12 v4.64+ w/ Mill Pro, Mill Ultimate, Lathe Pro, Lathe Ultimate , Plasma Pro, or Plasma Ultimate License

Oak, Allin1DC and MPU11 system Requirements
- CNC12 v4.20+ with Pro or Ultimate License

Compatible with:
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