Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software


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  • Centroid AC/DC Servo Drive (#12854,#12855) includes:
    • 1x AC/DC Servo Drive

The CENTROID AC/DC drive can power AC brushless servo motors (or large DC motors, hence the name AC/DC drive) with ratings of up to 4kW or 30 amps continuous output. Up to 8 axis can be controlled simultaneously. Popular on production machines where very high rapid rates are desired and on large machines which require high torque axis motors. The AC/DC drive can be used to run existing AC brushless servo motor when upgrading an existing CNC control saving money and installation time. Some motors will require an encoder upgrade. Please Email diysales@centroidcnc.com or Call 814-353-9256 to confirm compatibility with your servo motors before purchasing.

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