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Centroid DC1 Single Axis DC Servo Drive

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Centroid DC1 Single Axis DC Servo Drive (#11112) Features:
- Includes 4th axis software and programming capabilities.
- Digital Communication between Allin1DC and the DC1.
- Additional DC1's simply Daisy Chain with one another back to the Allin1DC
- The communication cable is included (not shown)
- Connect up to three DC1's to an Allin1DC CNC control board
- Allows the Allin1DC to become a 4 axis, 5 axis or 6 axis CNC control

Add a 4th Axis the Allin1DC with the DC1 single axis digital servo drive

The DC1 axis add-on servo drive is designed with simplicity in mind. The drive is a plug-n-play addition to the Allin1DC CNC control board. This drive can be used for rotary or linear axes.

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