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Add additional Inputs/Outputs for Centroid DIY CNC Controller Allin1DC Oak

PLCAdd1616 I/O Expansion Board


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PLCAdd1616 I/O Expansion Board (#11025) Features:
- Add an additional 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 relay outputs to the Allin1DC
- Plug and Play, PLCAdd1616 to Allin1DC and Oak communication cable included.
- Typically used to control an Automatic Tool Changer
- User definable inputs and outputs
- User configurable, commanded by the Allin1DC PLC program
- PLCAdd1616 user manual

The PLCADD1616 is a PLC expansion board used to add digital inputs and outputs to a compatible host PLC. The PLCADD1616 has 16 relay outputs and 16 optically isolated inputs. The PLCADD1616 communicates with a host PLC through a cable connection to an expansion port. The host PLC may have up to 16 PLC expansion ports, labeled “PLC ADD 1” through “PLC ADD 16”. The PLCADD1616 may connect to any available expansion port. See the PLCAdd1616 user manual for more information.

Compatible with:
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