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TT-4 CNC Tool Touch Off for Acorn/AcornSix

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  • TT-4 Acorn/AcornSix Kit (#15135) includes:
    • 1x TT-4 Tool touch probe
    • 1x Carbide Touch surface

Mill, Lathe or Router use. Quickly and accurately setup tool heights in the tool library with a push of a button. The CENTROID TT-4 automatic tool height offset touch probe is plug and play with all Centroid CNC controls. Eliminates gauge blocks, paper, and repeated measurements. Save time and increase accuracy. Fully integrated into the CNC control tool library menu, just select the tool and press auto measure to set the tool height automatically. Makes measuring all types of tools faster and more accurate. Find the longest insert in a multiple insert tool quickly. Once you start using the TT-4 you'll wonder why you waited to purchase this time saving tool. Measure just one tool or a whole group of tools at once. Can also be used in the middle of a job to measure a replacement tool. Integrated with an Automatic tool changer for batch tool measurement. The TT-4 is based on KP-3 touch probe technology and is a robust kinematic design and works with all spindles even ones that with non-conductive bearings (ceramic) or tooling that doesn't conduct (diamond). Note: Also compatible with most all other CNC controller such as but not limited to: Mach3/4, WinCNC, LinuxCNC, Pathpilot and others.

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