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Cabinet Strain Relief
Cabinet Strain Relief (installed)

Electrical Cabinet Cable Management System with Integrated Strain Relief

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Allows all CNC cabling to enter cabinet through one hole
Download PDF with hole dimensions

Save time and eliminate expensive fussy cable bulk head connectors with this Centroid Electrical cabinet cable entry management system. This invention allows all the CNC cabinet cables to enter the cabinet thru one rectangular hole in the bottom of the cabinet. The system both seals and supports and organizes the cables.
This system eliminates having to drill many holes in the cabinet significantly reducing cable installation labor and connector costs. Also this system make for a more reliable electrical cabinet with less holes in the electrical cabinet that means less chances for dust, chips, dirt , fluids to enter the cabinet and potentially damage the CNC electronics. With this system it is easy to add or remove a cable with no holes to drill or cover up after a cable addition or subtraction. Reusable and resealable any number of times. Installation is easy simply cut one rectangular hole in the bottom on the cabinet and 4 mounting holes and all necessary CNC cables can be installed using this one entry point. Made in USA, Steel construction with Poron sandwich. 10.5" long.


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