Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software
The complete Centroid Oak kit is shown with accessories.

Oak CNC Controller Kit

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Centroid Oak CNC controller kit (#15000) includes:
- Oak control board
- Logic power supply with power leads
- Connector kit
- 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
- Centroid CNC12 CNC Mill and Lathe FREE version of software, see below
- Typical CNC machine tool pre-programmed PLC Inputs and Outputs
- Mill and Lathe Conversational Programming Software
- Installation and Operator’s manuals PDF
- Full Size Paper Wiring Schematic
- DIY self service CNC support through Centroid Community CNC Forum which is Centroid Technician monitored and maintained.
- Centroid CNC12 "FREE" version of CNC software. (Purchase Pro or Ultimate for additional feature set, see below.)
- Optional Centroid Factory Engineer remote or phone technical support

Centroid "Oak" closed loop CNC Controller.
A reliable, high performance, industrial quality CNC control at a do-it-yourself price. The Oak utilizes an integrated Motion Control CPU and communicates with CNCPC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection. The Oak is a 4 axis CNC control board that is expandable to 8 axis of simultaneous motion. Perfect for many types of machine tools such as: CNC milling machines of all types, Turning Centers and a wide variety of CNC routers and other specialty applications. Typically used on CNC machine tools where a high performance CNC control is needed. Typically used with AC brushless servo in full closed loop operation but also can control DC servos as well. Yaskawa, Delta and SureServo2 are the only DIY recommended servo drive packages for use with Oak. While many other drives have been used with Oak successfully they are NOT a DIY project and are done by seasoned CNC integrators. For DIY sales there is no guarantee from Centroid when using Oak with any other drive other than Delta ASDA-A2, ASDA-B2, Yaskawa Sigma 1,2,5,7 or SureServo2.

Depending on our current order volume, it may take us 5 days of processing before we are able to ship your order.

  • Built in Motion Control CPU
  • Mill and Lathe CNC software
  • Reliable Ethernet communication with CNCPC
  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM systems
  • Runs Standard G & M Codes (see list in operator manuals)
  • 4 Mb G code program size (unlimited optional)
  • True G-code back plot graphics w cutter comp moves
  • 2000 line accell decell look ahead
  • 1200 blocks per second
  • Feed rate override operator variable 0-200% at 1% increments
  • Plug and Play dedicated MPG port
  • Rapid rate override
  • Spindle Control. on/off cw/cw, speed w/override
  • 12-bit analog output 0-10 VDC for VFD control
  • 16 optically isolated inputs, user configurable
  • 9 fused relay outputs, user configurable
  • Centroid Operator control pendant compatible
  • Six Encoder Inputs
  • Single 24 vdc logic power input
  • Spindle Encoder RPM display
  • Simple Menu Driven Operator Interface
  • Stop and Restart Job at any point
  • Tool Check, Jog and Restart at any point
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Conductive touch probe compatible
  • Kinematic touch probe compatible
  • Dedicated Touch Probe port
  • 6 WCS G54 - G59 (12 more optional)
  • 4th axis software (both G code and Conversational)
  • Lube Pump control (user configurable to match pump type)
  • MDI mode with recent command memory
  • Programmable Auxiliary Function keys
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Stock PLC programs
  • User editable PLC programming
  • Part counter, Time, Time estimation
  • Simple Future Software updates available
  • G code editor
  • Utility Menu
  • Backup and Restore CNC config
  • Message Display and Logs
  • True Closed Loop CNC operation
  • Unlimited Program Storage (only limited by hard drive size)
  • Large easy to read DRO display
  • Menu Driven Part setup
  • Menu Driven Tool setup
  • Menu driven machine configuration setup
  • Fill in the blank Setup Menus
  • Run Menu
  • CNC control configuration menu
  • Restart Job Automatically
  • Any axis can be linear or rotary axis
  • G-code smoothing (user adjustable)
  • Auto Home to switch, user selectable direction per axis
  • Jog to Home or Home to Marks
  • Software Travel Limits (+ and - directions)
  • User configurable Slow, Fast, Max rates
  • User configurable axis motor acceleration
  • Backlash compensation
  • Gcode backplot checks work envelope
  • G code backplot shows true cutter comp moves
  • Vary part backplot speed and pause
    w/ G-code line display
  • Real Time Part Graphics, shows tool position while running
  • Optional Stops
  • Subprograms and Macros
  • Engraving compatible (short vector g code no problem)
  • Threadmilling (Mill)
  • Run in Inch or MM mode
  • Tool Library
  • Long part names
  • Drilling and Tapping Cycles
  • USB and Network Drive Compatible
  • Keyboard Operator Control panel emulator,
  • Xkeys USB control pad compatible
  • Tool Life Management
  • Ballscrew mapping table
  • Control relays and contactors thru Manual or Program control
  • User configurable custom DIY M-codes
  • Canned Cycles
  • Constant surface speed (lathe)
  • Threading (lathe)
  • Profiling with auto cleanout (lathe)
  • Lathe canned cycles (thread, groove, chamfer, cutoff,turning diameter and end face,
  • Scale input for DRO positional display of a manual axis
  • X/Y axis Deskew
  • Coordinate System Rotation
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