Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software
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Centroid Operator's Control Pendant for Allin1DC/Oak

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Centroid Operator's Control Pendant (#11077):
Centroid CNC software allows operator machine control through a number of different methods.
This Operator's Control Pendant is for when hard buttons are preferred over touch screen controls. Useful on large and small machine tools alike when setting up parts, fixtures and tools, the pendant allows the operator to take the controls to where the work is. Steel case with magnets on the back and rubber handles, this control pendant uses the same operator control panel found in the M400/T400 CNC console.
The control panel can be removed from the pendant and flush mounted in your own console enclosure as well.

A lower cost ($0) alternative to this piece of hardware is the software based Touch Screen Virtual Machine Control Panel (VCP). The VCP allows the functionality of this Hardware based Operators Control Pendant when using a Touch Screen LCD as the CNC control display. The touch screen VCP is included with Centroid CNC control software CNC12 v4.12+ and can be used without or in conjunction with this hardware based Operator's Control Pendant.

Longer cords up to 50' are available call for quote or just use the Wireless MPG for long distance applications.

Same control panel that is on the M400/T400 CNC consoles but placed in a box with a 20' cord.


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