Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software
Wired MPG for Centroid DIY CNC Controller Allin1DC, Oak

Wired MPG

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Wired MPG (#11069) Features:
- 100 pulses per rev
- Axis Selector for 6 axes
- Increment amount selector (user configurable in CNC10/11/12)
- For use with Allin1dc and Oak CNC control boards.
- High quality construction with gold plated connector pins
- Hook hanger mount and magnets on the back of the unit
- Pre configured for use with Centroid CNC10/11/12 control software
- Plug and Play with Oak/Allin1DC cnc controls running CNC11 or CNC12 software

Looking for an MPG for an older CNC10 system? Please email us your system serial number.
CNC10 Kits numbers had 5 digits (Note: if you have a 6 digit Kit number that is a CNC11/CNC12 system).
How to locate serial number

Use the Manual Pulse Generator to jog the machine tool, very useful for part and tool setups. Order with or without internal bulk head cable. If you have a factory built M400/T400 CNC control or if you ordered the CNC console conduit cable kit you do not need to buy the internal bulkhead cable. If you are building a DIY CNC control based on the Oak cnc controller you will need the internal bulkhead cable to connect this MPG to the Oak or Allin1DC board.

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