Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software

Centroid Configured Mini CNCPC


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  • Centroid Mini CNCPC kit (#15024, #15028) includes:
    • 1x Intel based Mini PC
    • 1x Centroid Aluminum CNCPC Multi-mount Plate
    • 2x M3x6 screws to mount the Mini PC to the included plate
    • 1x 100-240 VAC power brick
    • 1x Pre-installed and pre-configured SSD
      • w/ Windows 11
      • w/ CNC12
  • Centroid Mini CNCPC Features:
    • - Use a LCD monitor (regular or Touch screen), 1920x1080 recommended
    • - Preloaded with a licensed copy of Windows 11. Windows is pre-configured for CNC PC duty!
    • - Preloaded Centroid CNC12 software Mill, Router, Lathe, and Plasma 'Free' version
    • - Preconfigured with Centroid Software
    • - Preconfigured Notepad ++ G code Editor
    • - Mill, Lathe, Plasma Intercon Conversational compatible
    • - Centroid CNC setup Wizard
    • - Touch Screen Operator Control compatible
    • - Intel processor and SSD (solid state drive)
    • - Display port, HDMI, Ethernet Ports, USB
    • - Powercord, Keyboard, Mouse
    • - Centroid tested and pre-qualified to work with Centroid CNC controllers
  • NOTES:
    • Model, Specifications and COLOR may vary.


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