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Encoder/Scale expansion board for Centroid DIY CNC Controller Oak, Allin1DC

Encoder/Scale Expansion Board


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Encoder/Scale Expansion Board (#13085) Features:
- Add additional 6 Encoder or Scale ports to an Oak Board
- Plug and Play, Encoder Expansion board to Oak communication cable included
- Typically used for multiple MPG or Scale inputs.
- User configurable
Encoder Expansion Board user manual

The Encoder Expansion Board can support standard differential quadrature encoders or BiSS serial protocol encoders. Standard encoders must have output levels compatible with the specifications in the “ENCEXP Specifications” table found in the manual. Standard encoders have “A” and “B” signals to transmit position information. A signal edge must be produced for every count of position change, which may limit the top speed, particularly on high resolution models. Check both the encoder’s maximum frequency and “quadrature encoder input frequency” in the “ENCEXP Specifications” table in the manual to determine the maximum RPM an encoder is capable of before use. More information is available in the Encoder Expansion Board user manual.

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