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SCOUT PLCEXP1616 I/O Expansion Kit for AcornSix DIY CNC

SCOUT PLCEXP1616 I/O Expansion Kit for AcornSix

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PLCEXP1616 Kit (part #14575) includes:
1x PLCEXP1616 Board
1x 6 foot shielded Ethernet cable
4x 220 Ohm SIP resistors for 5 volt input
4x 1k Ohm SIP resistors for 12 volt input

The PLCEXP1616 is an input and output expansion board designed to be used with the AcornSix CNC controller using the ethernet cable SCOUT communications protocol. Each PLCEXP1616 board adds an additional 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 relay isolated outputs to the AcornSIX CNC system, up to five PLCEXP1616 boards can be added to an AcornSix system for a total of 96 inputs and 96 outputs. Three different input device voltages can be used: 5 volts, 12 volts and 24 volt. AcornSix and PLCEXP1616 input device voltages are mix and match capable and are selectable via bank of four of inputs at a time with the provided plug-in SIP (Single In-line Pack) resistors. The default input voltage is 24 VDC (no SIP installed).

The PLCEXP1616 has Din Rail mounting holes and Standoff mounting holes to allow the DIY installer a wide variety of mounting possibilities. Requires 24 VDC logic power of at least 1 Amp rating.PLCEXP1616 Spec Manual.


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