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Allin1DC Bridgeport Boss 1-7 CNC Upgrade Kit with new DC Servo Motors

Allin1DC Bridgeport Boss 1-7 CNC Upgrade Kit with new DC Servo Motors

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Bridgeport Boss 1-7 CNC Upgrade Kit (#15025) includes:
– ALLIN1DC (Motion Control, PLC, DC Drives) True Closed Loop CNC Control
– Qty. 3, 29 in-lb DC servo motors NEMA 42 with plug-and-play 16' cables
– Centroid DC power supply "Capacitor + Bridge Combo" ( use of a transformer is no longer required for DC servo power creation)
– Boss PLC program
– Made in USA

(Note: Bridgeport Boss 1-7 machines were originally equipped with stepper motors. If you wish to retain the stepper motors see our Acorn CNC control board.)

Designed for Boss 1-7 equipped mills, and any Knee mill or Bed mill that needs new DC servos on all three axes. This retrofit kit includes 3 brand new Made in USA servomotors with 2000 line (8000 ppr) encoders factory installed. The end result is smooth, continuous 3-axis motion. And up to 8x the accuracy of the old controller. You’ll be able to perform CNC operations that simply weren't possible with the old control! See this PDF for more info.

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