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Conversational Programming CAD/CAM Alternative Plasma CNC
Conversational Programming CAD/CAM AlternativeConversational Programming CAD/CAM Alternative

Offline INTERCON Plasma Conversational Programming

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  • Centroid Plasma Offline INTERCON (#15100) Features:
    • - For those that do not want to use or learn a CAD/CAM system to make CNC parts.
    • - Program parts in the comfort of your office.
    • - Program while the machine is running a job.
    • - Easy part program transfer from your PC to the control via LAN or USB.
    • - True G-code backplot graphics, see exactly what the machine toolpath will be.
    • - Use on the same PC as your CAD system.
    • - A USB Keylock allows user to install software on as many computers as they want.
    • - Offline programming USB keylock is shipped the next business day.
    • - Works with Windows 7/8/10/11*
    • - Download Plasma offline conversational programming software here

The offline programming software runs without USB keylock but limited to 20 lines of Intercon. Plug in the USB keylock for unlimited conversational programming operation.


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