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Acorn Cover
Acorn Cover KitAcorn Cover

Acorn Plexi Cover Kit

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Acorn Plexi Cover Kit (#15343) Includes:
   1x Plexiglass Cover for Acorn
   4x 6-32x3/4" Standoffs
   4x 6-32x3/8" Screws
If you are purchasing a new Acorn kit, you do not need to purchase this item.
Free Shipping for Contiguous USA, Add $12 USD for International shipping. Ships via First Class Mail (USPS).

Starting on July 3rd, 2023 these plexiglass covers are included with the purchase of an Acorn CNC Control Kit. This product listing is available for those who purchased an Acorn Kit prior to July 3rd, 2023 and wish to purchase a plexiglass cover for their Acorn Control Board or for those with a damaged cover seeking a replacement.
These are plexiglass covers, do not clean with Alcohol based products or damage may occur.


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