Centroid CNC DIY Control Boards, great alternative to mach3, wincnc, motion control software

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Not to be missed! Uwe Mattern
Uwe Mattern

An impressive collection of Acorn Mill and Acorn Lathe videos by Uwe Mattern.
Link to his youtube channel.

Centroid 5-Axis CNC Cylinder Head Machine
Centroid 5-Axis CNC Cylinder Head Machine

Antron Brown on the Centroid 5-Axis CNC cylinder head machine

We caught up with 3x NHRA World Champion Antron Brown at the 2021 Performance Racing Industry trade show! Antron takes us for a little tour of the Centroid booth to check out some of the 5-Axis CNC cylinder head machining on the A560XL heavy duty 5-Axis CNC machining center along with Dodge Hellcat blower snout porting on A560 engine shop CNC machine that were being demonstrated at the show.

Centroid Performance Racing Booth PRI 2021
Centroid PRI 2021

Centroid PRI 2021 Booth Photo Album

A nice collection of photos from the Centroid Booth at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show from 2021

Acorn Controller Kit
Centroid Acorn CNC Kit Unboxing

Centroid Acorn CNC controller kit UNBOXING and introduction.

What comes with the Acorn CNC controller kit? This video unboxes the Centroid Acorn CNC control kit and goes over the highlights of the Acorn CNC hardware and software.

5-Axis CNC Supercharger Porting and Machining
5-Axis CNC Supercharger Porting and Machining

5 axis CNC Supercharger porting and machining, Jeff Smith, Late Model Throttle

Jeff Smith, Owner of Late Model Throttle talks about his A560 and his working relationship with Centroid at the PRI Tradeshow

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