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DC Servo Power Supply Bridge Rectifier

DC Servo Power Supply Bridge Rectifier

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Power Supply Bridge Rectifier (#10674, #10675) is used to rectify AC to DC for Servo Motor Power use.
- Requires a 12,000+ mfd or higher rated capacitor
- Bolts to standard size capacity with 1.125" terminal spacing
- Can also be wired to a capacitor, rather than bolt on
- Use with your own Capacitor
- 600 volts max, with 35 amps rating.

Power Conversion Examples:

- AC volts IN x 1.41 = DC volts out

- 110 VAC input yields 155 VDC out

- 83 VAC input yields 117 VDC out

Designed to bolt to at least a 12,000 MFD 250 Volt Capacitor (larger is ok), this printed circuit board rectifying bridge includes the diode bridge, in-rush limiter, bleed down resistor and terminals for AC power in and DC power out. The distance between centers of the capacitor terminal is 1.125in. 600V, 35A AC in one side, DC power out the other! It couldn't be more simple. Made in USA.


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