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At Marty's CNC Garage! in Phoenix Arizona

Posted by cnckeith on June 23, 2023

Marty has upgraded his machining center with Centroids new "Hickory" EtherCat based CNC controller!

This entire 4 axis ATC CNC machine is controlled by the single Centroid Hickory CNC control board simplifying installation while reducing component and installation labor costs.

The Hickory has on-board: 32 inputs, 32 outputs, 3 encoder ports, and two analog outputs and one analog input to control most typical CNC machine tools without requiring any of the available optional expansion boards.

The 8-axis closed loop Hickory CNC controller employs the latest EtherCat servo drive to CNC control communication technology which greatly simplifies drive communication cabling.

Compatible servo drives approved for use with Hickory are: Yaskawa, Glentek, Estun, Leadshine EL7 and EL8 and we are currently testing Inovance.

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