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Andy's Acorn powered custom machine

Posted by cnckeith on April 21, 2023
Andy is working on a cool Acorn powered custom machine. He recently posted in the success stories section of the Acorn Forum.
He says:
"Hi Guys,
Bit of an update, the ATC is working now I've figured out a crude double pole relay mod for the drive for it (its all in another help post).
So here it is, the 1st successful tool change. I still need to align it perfectly and get rid of some shims but I don't care, I'm still calling it a success, and I'm excited to get it filled up with tools, finally 🙂 .
The ATC build is running on a stepper pulse gen board (ebay), through the stepper driver, through a 100/1 harmonic drive GB (long story).
Now onto the 4th axis, harmonic drive again with a teknic SDSK to match the rest of the axis's.
Hopefully the below link works this time.............. I was excited just a little bit 🙂 ."

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