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Bench Top CNC Mill Build by Lorenzo

Posted by cnckeith on July 13, 2023

LorenzoRR on the Forum writes:


I open a new post as today I think finished the setup and "air milling" test of my Wabeco F1210 HS milling machine with ACORN.

Thanks very much Marty for the sustained help along the process. Also to other people that also helped on specific topics.


- Three motors from StepperOnline have been integrated mechanically without big issues. There is some room for improvement but it is sufficiently OK.
- Tried to make them work with 200 KHz but they did not like. With 100 KHz all work fine.
- Wired encoder from motors using DB9 connector to enter the cabinet.
- Wired power cables from otors using aero-style connectors to enter as well.
- Finally, also used a DB9 to connect VFD and ACORN. Basically +24V comes from VFD to relay input and the controller manages CW, CCW and reset. Also 0-10V signal comes in through DB9.
- I use PVC piles to route cables from machine to cabinet; one pipe is for all encoder´s and use different one for power and another one for wswitches.
- Routing inside cabinet is also left side for all encoders and right side for all 3 power. Cables are inside corrugated flexible hose.
- Used NPN magnetic switches and use them setting input as HomeLimit. Works fine setting limits by software in ACORN from home position.
- Also modified PARK macro to leave the maching in a "centered" position to be more balanced and also closer to homing in next job.
- Created first dummy tools library with some offsets and spindle speeds here and there, and a first program facing "in the air" and all works fine.

Next some basic enclosure to prevent kind of "chips shower", and make a test piece same as Marty's checking his Fadal. That will be the final test...

After many back and forth until decision of control system, I am happy of chosing Centroid ACORN. I love the amount of professional information in form of Drawings, Schematics, Tech Bulletins, Videos, ... and the open forum to learn from other's experience. This is a success formula, IMO.

Find below some pics of the result.

Now it is time to understand ICN philosophy and trying to make some decent part. I am also very interested in creating CAM from FUSION360 for this new setup. Let's see...

Cheers !

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