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Acorn Controller Kit
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Acorn CNC Controller Kit

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  • Centroid Acorn CNC controller kit (#14455) includes:
    • 1x Acorn CNC control board
    • 1x Acorn Plug and Play Relay8 Module
    • 1x Dual power 5 VDC and 24 VDC logic power supply
      • 50/60 Hz 100-120 VAC/208-240 VAC input power
    • 1x Logic power supply hookup leads
    • 1x 110 VAC power cord
    • 1x 15’ Shielded Ethernet cable
    • 1x Plexi Acorn Cover
    • 4x 6-32x3/4" Standoffs for Acorn Cover
    • 4x 6-32x3/8" Screws for Acorn Cover

(Note: A 1920x1080 wide screen LCD Display is required and a Touch Screen is recommended.)

Acorn CNC control kits are both a CNC Hardware and CNC Software DIY system designed to work together for easy CNC setup and operation with minimal fuss.

Centroid “Acorn” Step and Direction CNC Controller kit: a 4 axis CNC control with built-in motion control CPU.

A reliable, high performance, industrial quality CNC control at a do-it-yourself price. Acorn utilizes an integrated 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 Motion Control CPU and communicates with CNCPC via a fast and reliable Ethernet connection. The Acorn CNC control board controls a wide variety of axis motors and drives with industry standard step and direction command signal. Perfect for many types of machine tools such as: CNC milling machines, a wide variety of CNC Routers, CNC lathes to CNC Lasers, and other specialty applications. Compatible with small to large axis motors of all types and can be used with most any AC brushless servo motor drive packages such as: DMM, Delta, Estun, Teco, Teknic, Yaskawa and others. Any drive that accepts step and direction commands. Most all stepper motor drives are compatible with the Acorn board such as the popular Gecko and Leadshine stepper drives. Acorn runs on Centroid’s proven industrial quality CNC control software.

  • On board 1Ghz Motion Control CPU
  • Mill and Lathe CNC software with setup Wizard
  • Touch screen operators control panel (user configurable VCP)
  • Reliable Ethernet communication with CNCPC
  • Runs on Windows 10/11
  • Compatible with CAD/CAM systems
  • Runs Standard G & M Codes
  • True G-code back plot graphics w cutter comp moves
  • 2000 line accell decell look ahead
  • 1200 blocks per second
  • Backlash compensation
  • Ballscrew compensation
  • Feed rate override operator variable 0-200% at 1% increments
  • Rapid rate override
  • Spindle Control. on/off cw/cw, speed w/override
  • 12 bit analog output 0-10 or 0-5 VDC for VFD control
  • 8 optically isolated inputs, user configurable
  • 8 Relay Outputs, user configurable
  • DB25 drive connection (gecko G540/Mach3 standard pin out AND programmable pin out)
  • Header for flying lead axis motor drive connections
  • Encoder Input
  • Single 24 vdc logic power input
  • Spindle Encoder RPM display
  • Simple Menu Driven Operator Interface
  • Stop and Restart Job at any point
  • Tool Check, Jog and Restart at any point
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Conductive touch probe compatible
  • KP-3 Kinematic touch probe compatible
  • Lube Pump control (user configurable to match pump type)
  • MDI mode with recent command memory
  • Programmable Auxiliary Function keys
  • Multiple Language Support
  • User editable PLC programming
  • Part counter, Time, Time estimation
  • Simple Future Software updates available
  • Notepad ++ G code editor
  • Utility Menu
  • Backup and Restore CNC config
  • Message Display and Logs
  • Open Loop CNC operation
  • Unlimited Program Storage (Pro License, only limited by hard drive size)
  • Large easy to read DRO display
  • Menu Driven Part setup
  • Menu Driven Tool setup
  • Menu driven machine configuration setup
  • Fill in the blank Setup Menus
  • Run Menu
  • CNC control configuration menu
  • Restart Job Automatically
  • Any axis can be linear or rotary axis
  • G-code smoothing (user adjustable)
  • Auto Home to switch, user selectable direction per axis
  • Auto Parking, User editable
  • ZRI input homing
  • User editable Homing program
  • Software Travel Limits (+ and - directions)
  • User configurable Slow, Fast, Max rates
  • User configurable axis motor acceleration
  • Spindle encoder input for CSS, Threading and Rigid Tapping
  • Lathe canned cycles (profile, groove, chamfer, cutoff,turning diameter and end face)
  • Lathe Dry Run
  • User editable Park program
  • Wireless MPG control pendant (Pro license required)
  • Keyboard Operator Control panel emulator,
  • Xkeys USB control pad compatible
  • Contour ShuttleXpress compatible
  • Xbox controller compatible
  • Gcode backplot checks work envelope
  • G code backplot shows true cutter comp moves
  • Vary part backplot speed and pause
    w/ G-code line display
  • Real Time Part Graphics, shows tool position while running
  • Optional Stops
  • User editable Subprograms and Macros
  • Engraving compatible (short vector g code no problem)
  • Threadmilling (Mill)
  • Run in Inch or MM mode
  • Laser cutting and engraving support
  • PWM output control for Laser and/or Spindle
  • Tool Library
  • Long part names
  • Drilling and Tapping Cycles
  • USB and Network Drive Compatible
  • Distance to go DRO
  • Machine Coordinates DRO
  • Active G codes display
  • Software or Hardware paired axes
  • Auto Squaring of paired axis Gantry
  • Tool Life Management
  • Reset Home
  • Control relays and contactors thru Manual or Program control
  • User configurable custom DIY M-codes
  • Canned Cycles
  • Profiling with auto cleanout (lathe)
  • X/Y axis Deskew, corrects for axes out of square.
  • Mouse and Keyboard jogging in addition to VCP, MPG Pendant and Xkeys pendant, Contour Shuttle
  • Runs on 100-120 VAC OR 200-240 VAC power input.
  • Runs on USA and International Power
    •   Can I buy one Pro Acorn CNC12 license and use it on several Acorn CNC control boards?
    •   No, the Centroid Acorn Pro and Ultimate licenses are tied to the Acorn board serial number. When purchasing a Pro or Ultimate license, the Acorn serial number is required and then a Pro or Ultimate license is created that matches the Acorn board serial. When the CNC12 software starts, it checks the Pro or Ultimate license against the Acorn board that is connected to the CNCPC for a match. If it matches, then that particular level (Pro or Ultimate) of CNC12 software is made active. If it doesn't match, then the CNC12 software runs at the "Free" level. (So Acorn CNC12 will run without any license installed)
    •   If I buy an Acorn Mill Pro CNC12 license and then decide to upgrade to an Ultimate license how much does that cost?
    •   $299
    •   Can I buy an Acorn Mill Pro and Acorn Lathe Pro and Acorn Ultimate for use on the same Acorn Board?
    •   Yes.
    •   Can I ask Centroid to move a Pro or Ultimate software License from one Acorn board to another?
    •   If Centroid issues an RMA for an Acorn board to be returned, any License associated with that board can be transferred to another Acorn board.
    •   Do I have to state at time of purchase what machine I plan on using the Acorn with?
    •   No. Both the Mill and Lathe Free version of Acorn CNC12 control software is available for download so you can configure the Acorn controller for a wide variety of machine tools. The hardware doesn't care what kind of machine it connected to.
    •   If I bought an Acorn Mill Pro License, can I use it with the Acorn Lathe Software?
    •    No. The Acorn Pro License is Mill and Lathe specific. There is a Pro License for Mill and there is a Pro license for Lathe.
    •   If I destroyed the BBG (Beagle Bone Green) that came with my Acorn board can I supply my own?
    •   Yes, but the License file(s) that were issued for that Acorn will not work with the new BBG. Centroid offers License transfer service for $29 which requires you to email us a report.zip file to diysales@centroidcnc.com. Information on how to generate a report.zip file is here.
    •   How big of a G-code program can I run with the Free version of CNC12 software?
    •   50Kb.
      To give you an idea of what can be done with the Free version of the Acorn CNC12 software: on our website is a part program for a SEM DC servo motor cover plate, below on the left is the plate being installed and on the right is the tool path that was used to make the cover plate. This G code program to make this part is 5Kb in size.

      This is pretty typical of a home hobby shop type part. The G code file generated by a cad cam system or in this case Centroid's Intercon conversational programming software (with comments!) to make this part the G-code program is only 5kb in size. The Centroid FREE version of CNC12 has a file size limitation of 50KB so you could run a G code program 10 times this size with the Free version of CNC12. As you can see, you can do a lot even with the Free version of the Acorn CNC12 software.

      The 5kb Gcode program used to cut this SEM servo motor cover plate is available here (click to view, right click link and Save as to download).

      Note: The Centroid PRO version of CNC12 has no file size limitation so you could run a file as large as the hard drive on the CNCPC and the Ultimate License also has no file size limitation. (only limited by the size of the CNCPC hard drive space)

    •   How long does it take to ship the Acorn CNC control kit?
    •   Typically the Acorn CNC control kits are in stock ready to ship and ship within one or two business day from Howard, PA via UPS GND. You will receive an email with tracking number when your kit ships.
    •   How do I contact Technical Support?
    •   Free Acorn Technical Support is available 24/7 on the Acorn CNC community support forum. Here is how to sign up for the Free Support Forum. Centroid Direct Technical Support is available for $120/hr. one hour min. You can purchase support here then email support@centroidcnc.com with a current Report.zip file.
    •   Do I need to purchase a PC from Centroid or can I build my own?
    •   Ready to run Centroid CNCPC's are avalible for sale from Centroid, alternatively you can supply your own CNCPC as long as it meets the Centroid Minimum PC performance specifications found here.
    •   What is the Acorn Return, Warranty and Repair policies?
    •   Please see this page for complete details.
    •   Is there a return restocking fee?
    •   Yes. There is a 15% restocking fee on all returned parts and products.

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